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Hello! I’m Amanda


 Alongside therapy work, I work with marketing tech solutions and music jam facilitation in London. My approach uses a balance of creativity and rationale, working with what’s being presented in the moment, the possibilities and working towards the long-term goals in mind with flexibility to be with what comes up in the process.

My personal Therapy work and development has been an ongoing maturation process in the last 10 years, through exploration and immersion in the reflective work, studies of the theories and application of mindfulness practice.

My approach


Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching is a unique process for each individual, which is why an integrative approach looks at your preferences and environments to customise a therapeutic plan that work best for you.

When you have an idea of what it is you need but not quite sure of where to start, Integrative therapy looks at;

  • where you are at and where you would like to be,
  • limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns,
  • exploring the ’cause and effect’,
  • collaboratively checking in what’s working or not working,
  • the internal and external environments.

Our work together looks at leaning in with curiosity, and courage. There will more than likely be challenges and resistance to being outside the ‘comfort zone’, so together, we’ll look at what’s coming up for you with integrity and unconditional acceptance.

Whether that is in recovery, growth or maintenance within your life, we look together at the resources available to you and integrate any changes or adaptions, managing challenges along the way.

Open - Integrative Therapy


Private practice with 1-to-1 Sessions 
Online integrative therapy and face-to-face sessions based in London.

Single Session Counsellor and Coach at [Spill.Chat]
Providing accessible support for employee wellbeing and mental health over the Slack based app, Spill.Chat.

Music Meetup Facilitator with The Jam
Collaborative music workshops based in Hackney. Moved onto JamKazam app during lockdown months.

Volunteer Counsellor and Therapist at The Mix
Counselling and Psychotherapy over the phone and web chat for young people aged 14-25 with The Mix mental health charity.

Volunteer Counsellor at MOSAC
Person-Centred counselling with carers of abused children. Long-term, face-to-face sessions based in London and over the phone.


University of East London
BACP accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling Tutor
Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling

NLP World
Master NLP Practioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coach certification

The Coaching Room
NLP, Neuro-Semantic Practitioner and meta-coach certifications

London College of Music and Media
Bachelor of Music in Popular Music Performance

"I think that it must be about a year since we spoke for the first time, and maybe 9 months since the last time we spoke. The reason for this is, that with your help I feel so much better that it is hard to describe most of the time. I can still have a small wobble once or twice a year when things are extra stressful, but the rest of the time I feel calm, happy and on top of everything that used to make me feel stressed and unhappy. So thanks for helping me get a new perspective on the world. I couldn’t have done it without you 😊"

Morten Sølbech Bonde

"Really great. I felt stressed and anxious going into the session and felt much better after and had specific things I could start doing to help manage my daily stress. Amanda was amazing! It was really easy to set up, the session was great, Amanda was really easy to talk to and made it simple for me to see where my stresses are coming from."

Spill Service User

"My counsellor was excellent; I was extremely lucky to have her to talk to every week. She was a great listener, framed my thoughts in a way which helped me understand my perspective in different ways, and genuinely made me feel so much happier after each phone call. I found that after the initial session, I was really looking forward to feeding back to her how I had found the week before… It has really helped me focus on the positive aspects of myself and my life, renewing my gratitude for simple things. The woman who I spoke to (her name was Amanda) was genuinely one of the most helpful, supportive counsellors I have ever met. The whole experience felt very personal and led by me and the goals I wanted to achieve with our time. She was really helpful and I am extremely grateful for all her help."

The Mix Service User

"Thank you so much for the call today it really has helped, Amanda. I haven’t met you, but what you do and how you do it is amazing. Thanks again for the support and the encouragement that everything is and will be okay. Never had help like this before you truly are awesome. Speak next week, many thanks."

The Mix Service User

"My coaching experience with Amanda Salvara, has been exemplary. Her calm and patient style helped take me to places that I was uncomfortable to explore on my own and gave me the space to unpack the limiting beliefs that held me back. I would highly recommend Amanda as an integrative therapist using the skills of a developmental coach."

Tzara Attwater

"Powerful. Insightful. Game changing. My coaching experience with Manda was absolutely eye opening. I was very caught up with what I wanted to do for my next step towards my career and just one session with Manda allowed my to clear all my blocked emotions and allowed me to feel free and empowered! She gave me the tools and techniques that I still use till this day! Highly recommended!"

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