Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services available.

Phone Counselling

How Does it Work?

  • Schedule a 30-minute phone call or video consultation at a time that works for you.
  • During the call, we’ll discuss what’s going on for you and how you would best like to work together.
  • Details will be emailed over with a booking link to schedule in when you’re ready to start.

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Online Coaching and Therapy

Below are details on the online services available, which are customisable for each client on consultation.  

Find out more about the therapist and integrative coaching…

About the therapist

Person-Centred Counselling

Long-term counselling sessions that provide a therapeutic and reflective space to process any pressing thoughts, inner-conflict or concerns that come up for you.

Recommended for:
Grief, Bereavement, Relationships, Anger or Depression.

Cognitive Therapies and Coaching

Looking at cognitive patterns – tools and exercises are provided to practice and apply in-between sessions and feedback any changes in cognitive, emotional and physiological responses.  

Recommended for:
Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Relationships.


Embodied and Interpersonal Therapy 

Working with the poly vagal system, and third wave CBT approaches such as acceptance commitment therapy and dialectical behavioural tools to aid physical, emotional regulation and distress tolerance through exercises and application. 

Recommended for:
Social anxiety, Insomnia, Trauma and General Anxiety.

Life Transitions

Significant changes can be challenging, whether by choice or with unexpected circumstances. Therapy can provide a reflective space to process events as well as prepare for and manage anything that arises along the way, for a smoother and enriching transition.

Recommended for;
Bereavement, Redundancy, Moving Overseas or New Role.

Group Work

12-week courses are available for once a week group sessions with individual check-ins. Limited to 4 participants per group, for GRIT Coaching and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. 

Recommended for:
Support network, Communication Skills, Motivation.

It may feel hard working towards change, but it all starts with that first step…

Having a discussion or doing research on the types of help available is that initial step towards getting the support you need.

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