Consent: It’s as simple as tea

When misunderstandings occur in sexual encounters, there could be many reasons why the fumbling experience can vary from misreading signals or interpreting what sexual behaviours are deemed desirable, safe and an enjoyable experience for all and acknowledging where the line crossed into abuse of trust, power and control.

As humans grow and develop curiosities around sex and intimacy, it’s a natural to want to explore feelings and sensations whilst learning to trust others when most vulnerable. The important factors that can easily be missed in education or family conversations is the awareness of explicit and informed consent. This being a moment-to-moment process in which ‘no’ means ‘no’ and respecting each other’s decision if feelings change.

Whilst it’s important to recognise the religious and cultural context around sex, the following resource outlines consent through a British cultural lens using the light-hearted reference of consent, over a cup of tea. If you have a moment to put the kettle on, I’d encourage anyone who would be interested in learning how to cover the conversation around consent to share the simple and straight forward wisdom that is provided in this video.

Thanks to, and shared by the campaign #Consentiseverything, as part of the Thames Valley Sexual Violence Prevention Group.


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