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Mindful Breathing
Starting with the simple practice of mindful breathing, that can be applied anytime, anywhere.
Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Practice
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Sit in a chair or lie down. Get comfortable. 


Bring attention to your body. Notice the feeling of your body against the floor or the chair. Feel the weight of your legs, arms, and head. 


Take a deep, cleansing breath. Be mindful of your breath, feeling your stomach and chest rise and then fall.


Bring your attention to your head and face. Feel any areas of tension and try to let them soften. 


Let your jaw, neck, and throat soften and relax.


Notice your shoulders and arms. Be mindful of tension and let it ease from your body. 


If your mind wanders, simply come back to the present. To your body. To the moment. 


Bring your awareness to your hands. Are they tight? Is tension present. Relax your hands and feel them against the chair or the floor. 


Feel your legs and feet. Be aware of any sensations. Let them relax. Soften. Drain of tension. 


Take one more deep breath. Notice your entire body. 


Now let that breath out. 


When you’re ready, you can open your eyes. 


Next we’re going to be looking at the powerful practice of mindful eating. 

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