Integrative Counselling and Coaching

The whole person

what is integrative Counselling and coaching?

In the various environments we find ourselves in throughout life, the internal and external influences play a huge role in how we experience ourselves, others and the world. As we adapt to new events and situations in these transitions, we notice what no longer serves us. There are strategies we developed along the way to help us feel safe or to help manage emotions when dealing with distress or being around others, and sometimes these strategies tend to cause more harm than good. 

Counselling honours your experience and your courage to lean into those thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Showing compassion towards the parts of you and others that maybe difficult to be with right now – exploring why this could be and what it means to you.  Like a well seasoned gardener tends to the deep-rooted weeds before sowing the seeds to grow, counselling looks at the deep-rooted areas to clear a path with tools that also nurture the space to grow. 

Coaching looks at the plan and direction of your healing and growth experience. Acknowledging acceptance, awareness and action as part of the counselling process to move through any challenges, unexpressed emotions or sense of feeling stuck.

As outlined in the BACP ethical framework, for anyone choosing to start counselling, therapy or coaching, it’s about finding what works for you in a respectful partnership, focusing on your wellbeing. 

Needs and Approaches

Below are common reasons people seek integrative counselling and coaching with short descriptions on the approaches involved. These approaches can switch and change as and when movement happens in the human experience. It may help as a place to start, to talk with your therapist or coach on what you need from working together at any given time.


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Solution Focused Therapy

Wanting change, but not sure what the problem is or what to do. The need to identify the key issues and then decide what to do with them. A two-way conversation that explores the possibilities.
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Behavioural Change

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NLP Coaching

Have clarity about problems and goals. Clear aims. Probably time-limited and require tools to work towards the goals or manage behaviours.


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Person Centred Counselling

Identifies internal distress. Talking about how this distress relates to current or past relationships, thoughts, feelings and experiences as they come into focus. Having space to explore through dialogue and process out loud to another person without judgement.

Growth and Development

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Enneagram & GRIT Coaching

Learning more about the self and growth through in self-awareness. Finding strengths and opportunities to develop when relating to others, vocations and the shadow parts of self.

Unsure of how you’d like to work with a counsellor or coach?

This online questionnaire provides some insight for both parties on how you would like work together. Designed by two leading research practitioners in the field, John Norcross and Mick Cooper, designed a form that helps highlight your preferences when working with your needs.

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