The Wisdom of Trauma

Wisdom Of Trauma

Becoming a Trauma informed Society Brought to you by Science and Non-Duality in partnership with The Compassion Prison Project, Chrysalis Society and The Downtown Street Team; The Wisdom of Trauma documentary follows Dr. Gabor Mate

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How do beliefs and values effect reality

How do beliefs and values shape your reality?

Your beliefs about yourself and your life have more power over your existence than you can imagine. Personal ideas and values you’ve held for a long time can block the way toward a life you desire. Identifying your unhelpful beliefs as possibilities, along with helpful ones can open up new perspectives for new opportunities.

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Cup of Tea

Consent: It’s as simple as tea

When misunderstandings occur in sexual encounters, there could be many reasons, varying from misreading signals or misunderstanding what sexual behaviours are deemed desirable, to crossing the line into abuse of trust, power and control.

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cube with signs for email phone and letter

Considerations for Email Therapy

An asynchronous way to communicate what’s going on for you may be a preferred way of trying out therapy to see if it’s something that would work for, if talking face-to-face feels daunting or not an immediate way to process things. However, this form of therapy can inhibit the black-hole affect of putting yourself out there across the internet and not being able to know when or how the information is being received.

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Boat out at Sea

Navigating Change

Whether it’s longing for change, or finding it happen without warning, this article touches on some common approaches that counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches alike will look to when understanding and navigating the unique circumstances people may find themselves in when it comes to moving through change.

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