The Power of Attachment:
How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships
by Dr. Diane Poole Heller

How traumatic events can break our vital connections–and how to restore love, wholeness, and resiliency in your life.

From our earliest years, we develop an attachment style that follows us through life, replaying in our daily emotional landscape, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. And in the wake of a traumatic event–such as a car accident, severe illness, loss of a loved one, or experience of abuse–that attachment style can deeply influence what happens next.

InĀ The Power of Attachment, Dr. Diane Poole Heller, a pioneer in attachment theory and trauma resolution, shows how overwhelming experiences can disrupt our most important connections– with the parts of ourselves within, with the physical world around us, and with others.

The good news is that we can restore and reconnect at all levels, regardless of our past.


Here, you’ll learn key insights and practices to help you:

– Restore the broken connections caused by trauma
– Get embodied and grounded in your body
– Integrate the parts of yourself that feel wounded and fragmented
– Emerge from grief, fear, and powerlessness to regain strength, joy, and resiliency
– Reclaim access to your inner resources and spiritual nature

“We are fundamentally designed to heal,” teaches Dr. Heller. “Even if our childhood is less than ideal, our secure attachment system is biologically programmed in us, and our job is to simply find out what’s interfering with it–and learn what we can do to make those secure tendencies more dominant.”

With expertise drawn from Dr. Heller’s research, clinical work, and training programs, this book invites you to begin that journey back to wholeness.

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