Booking in Therapy

Block out dates

Book multiple sessions with the agreed time and dates on consultation.
A follow-up email will be sent confirming the details shortly after receiving payment.

Next Availability

For single bookings and flexibility, you can view the latest availability, via the Calendly page. Sessions can be booked for next day or up to 30-days time.

Email Therapy

When sending an email to process things asynchronously in-between sessions, there is now the additional option to work together via correspondence with responses being up to 48hrs from receiving the message.  Please see considerations and discuss this option with myself prior to payment.

Your client and therapist agreement will be sent directly to the email provided for reference and signing prior to our initial session.
If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to email them over to
For secure online payments, all bookings are made via the  Stripe platform for any encrypted online transactions.

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Online Coaching and Therapy

Considerations for Online Coaching

Moving from face-to-face sessions, or even starting online can feel like a strange experience. As we adapt and evolve into various ways of connecting, here are some consideration for working with your coach online or over the phone. 

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Amanda Salvara MBACP

Registered Counsellor, Psychotherapist and NLP Coach


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