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What is Solution Focused Therapy?

This type of approach in therapy is also known as single session therapy or solution focused brief therapy (SBFT). The objective of this approach is to work collaboratively over 1-3 sessions to highlight and identify the core issues that are causing distress and explore alternative solutions to manage them, move forward or resolve them. 

Why would people choose solution focused therapy?

It’s all down to preference and what is most useful for the person at that point in time. For some, they may not wish to talk about their childhood or events that have happened in the past, but prefer to focus on the now and how to move forward independently.  

Brief therapy may also be a financially accessible option for those looking to work on the presenting issues in a short amount of time with a smaller budget towards therapy, understanding it may not solve all their problems in a couple of sessions but highlights alternative resources and options to deal with them affectively on the own.  

How would i know if this is the right option for me?

If you’re a solution focused person, this maybe a format that suits your preference in tackling problems. It may also help in knowing the professional is not involved in the issue or situation, being able to understand impartially what’s going on for you, can provide that alternative perspective and understanding that it’s focusing on the presenting issues.

You’ll also know when answering the preparation questions if this is something you can work with your therapist on a few sessions or if you feel dissatisfied with the sense that it’s only going to scratch the surface of what you’re looking to achieve in therapy. Your therapist will also let you know in the initial consultation if there is further support and resources are needed for your health, recovery and wellbeing that cannot be provided in solution focused sessions.

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Unsure of how you’d like to work with a counsellor or coach?

This online questionnaire provides some insight for both parties on how you would like work together. Designed by two leading research practitioners in the field, John Norcross and Mick Cooper, designed a form that helps highlight your preferences when working with your needs.

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