Considerations for Online Coaching

Considerations for Online Coaching

Considerations for
Online Coaching

Moving from face-to-face sessions, or even starting online can feel like a strange experience. As we adapt and evolve into various ways of connecting, here are some consideration for working with your coach online or over the phone.  

Time and Energy

Your coaching sessions should fit around your time schedule. It helps to factor in the following when scheduling your sessions.

  • Be ‘realistic’, ask yourself how much time do you actually benefit from having a coaching session for it to be productive? 
  • Have you found working in snippets of 30-minutes a few times a week, or a 2-hour session is more effective?
  • Does the routine of weekly sessions stress you out or motivate you with regular accountability check-ins?
  • Would bi-weekly be more realistic for your needs?

Noticing when you’re feeling drained versus feeling energised over online video sessions is a good cue to know how often or long coaching session should be for you. Only you will know when there’s not much energy left to be able to work effectively with your coach.

Sitting at the Screen

Staring at a screen for many hours in the day can be difficult for some and not so tiring for others. Before joining into a coaching session, ensure you take the time out away from the desk either way to get a beverage, close your eyes for a quick nap, or simply exercise the muscles around the eyes by mindfully looking around the room or during a short walk outside. Give yourself the opportunity to join your next session refreshed and reset. 

If you’ve been at the desk all day, I’d suggest having your coaching session on a walk to have a dialogue based exercise. Working with movement and the body to experience new perspectives whilst processing whatever comes up from the conversation.

Sharing the Bandwidth

If you’re in a household with online gamers, video streamers or have common internet bandwidth issues, find or request a time when there won’t be heavy streaming usage for the chance of a more stable video connection. 

If it’s not possible at home, try moving online sessions to work in a private space or room. It may also help to alternative the coaching format to telephone and email communications with guided exercises online. Adaptability is key in finding what works for you here.

Not familiar with working online

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, why not with online video chat? There are many useful documents and video guides online that can help with getting set up.
Here is a quick video guide from Zoom on how to accept and join a meeting online.

It’s useful to practice using Zoom before a session and see how the background and sound looks so you don’t have to think about those during the coaching time.

When working online, tech issues can arise from time-to-time. Always let your coach know if you’re having any issues before or during your session to get help with the setup. You also have the option to transfer the sessions to your mobile phone if it’s easier to work with.

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