Commonly asked questions about integrative counselling and coaching, and what it involves.

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About Integrative Counselling and Coaching

Integrative therapy uses various approaches and therapeutic tools when working with clients in their unique circumstances. It helps to look at the specialist training listed on a professional’s credentials, to learn which modalities your therapist / coach is able to use.

During the initial consultation, we will work together to decide on an approach. This is where it is useful to be working with a therapist/coach trained in numerous approaches. The recommendation for working together with our initial plan does not prevent us from using techniques from other areas, but it does offer a starting point and means that we can start using resources orientated towards this type of work during our initial sessions.

The aims set at the start of the work together will be reviewed every 4 sessions, with resources provided for reference, where relevant, after each session. Find out more here.

For reflective Person-Centred Therapy, exploring personal development, and interpersonal experiences, a longerterm duration of sessions is recommended. However, only you can know if the therapy has been beneficial and is something you want to continue.

For single sessions, a Solution Focused Approach and NLP Coaching can be used in a two-way conversation to work with a single topic.

For more complex cases, or behavioural changes, a minimum of 8 sessions is recommended, with a re-evaluation every 4 sessions to decide whether to continue exploring any new issues that arise.

For Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, the weekly group sessions run for 12 weeks in total in order to complete the guided framework and address the main areas covered in this approach.

Each session would be 50-minutes long, unless agreed otherwise with your therapist or coach. 

There is a substantial amount of evidence which supports the effectiveness of online/telephone-based support as a therapeutic option.

However, what matters is how you feel. Finding a therapist/coach and an approach is often an exercise in trial and error. Before you make a decision, I encourage you to talk to different therapists/coaches to get a feel for who you can work with.

If after a session or two, you aren’t comfortable with online/telephone sessions, let me know. I’ll work with you on how to move through the issues or adapt how we work together. If all else fails, we can conclude working online.

You can read more in these articles on considerations for telephone counselling and coaching online.

About Working With Me

At present, I do not accept insurance policies to register new clients. All work is through private practice.

I provide small group therapy sessions online. To find out more about group sessions online and how to join one of these groups, please register your interest here.

I cannot offer psychiatric referrals, but after working together, and with your written consent, I can share your concerns with your registered GP in confidentiality if it helps to provide referrals on your behalf.

Amanda Salvara MBACP

Accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist and NLP Coach


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